Technical and clinical guidance

Safe abortion: technical and policy guidance for health systems  (WHO, 2012)

This publication provides the latest evidence-based guidance on clinical care. It includes information on how to establish and strengthen services, and outlines a human-rights-based approach to laws and policies on safe, comprehensive abortion care.

Clinical Practice Handbook for Safe Abortion (WHO, 2014) 

This reference should be useful to a range of providers in different settings and varying legal and health service contexts; it is oriented to providers who already have the requisite skills and training necessary to provide safe abortion and/or treat complications of unsafe abortion.

Medical Management of Abortion (WHO, 2019) 

These guidelines provide evidence-based recommendations for healthcare workers to help ensure high-quality healthcare for those seeking a medical abortion.

Health worker roles in providing safe abortion care and post-abortion contraception

This guideline provides a range of options for expanding health worker roles in the provision of safe abortion care, the management of complications of abortion (also known as post-abortion care in some settings and provided as part of emergency obstetric care) and for post-abortion contraception provision.

Best practice in comprehensive abortion care 

This Best Practice Paper sets out the essential elements of a high-quality abortion care service including comprehensive post-abortion care and contraception, and it includes recommendations to assist policy makers in moving their services forward.

WHO Consolidated Guideline on Self-Care Interventions for Health (WHO, 2019)

This guideline provides evidence-based recommendations on key public health self-care interventions, including for SRHR. The guideline reiterates existing recommendations on self-management of medical abortion.

Clinical updates in reproductive health 

These Clinical Updates in Reproductive Health contain concise, up-to-date, evidence-based clinical recommendations on comprehensive abortion care, with new topics and resources added regularly.

Best practice guidance on safe abortion

This website (SafeAccess Hub) provides a collection of evidence-based best practice guides for those working on safe abortion programmes.